Moksha is rooted to the word Muc in Sanskrit meaning to set free. It is a Vedic concept, which refers to emancipation, release, liberation or freedom. A more epistemological understanding denotes to a consciousness of self.

Moksha is a detachment from linear narration; it is a fractal reading into the inner chaos of consciousness. A visual liberation, an expansion of the thread that binds Sutra by revisiting the archives that makes the book.

Sutra meaning string or thread is a book that brings together four bodies of work by braiding several connections in the physical, social and political sphere to find meaning as humankind. The series that intertwine, in a circular narrative, shares a visual and tactile connection with blindness, consumption, identity and nature. 

Moksha is the anatomy of the connecting identity, the thread that binds Sutra. The redness of the thread transfuses to the images to create a connection fluid in form and universal in nature. The images journey through concepts that circle life, death, and rebirth.